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User ID: #14578
Username: BigCatBites
Gender: Female
Last Online: 19 Jan 2022, 7:24 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 8:48 pm

Profile description

I'm not on this forum much, anymore.
If I disappear for long periods of time, I heavily apologize.
If you'd ever like to contact me, please DM me, and I'll get to you as soon as I can!

I am @SamTheHusky 's younger sister (2? Years apart. I was born in January, so it's a bit off.)

The only thing videogames ever influenced me into doing is... COLLECT.


I'm MadMadameFlare. You may call me: Shayne, Finn, or Quinn. I am nonbinary, and my pronouns are they/she/he.

Places to find me/my art/my characters:

DeviantArt (mostly post self-made bases, or adoptables)

I don't like talking on forums, and best speak one on one, so feel free to PM me, if you ever want to talk.
I do still speak on forums, just not often.
I promise that I don't bite! You can also message me on my profile, if you'd like!

I'm most active on my Twitter, Telegram, and ToyHou.se.

Kindness breeds kindness. Be kind.
You never know how much someone may need it, or what they may be going through.

I believe that change and growth do not spawn from mistreatment.
I believe that people can improve and change.

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    • *pokes head in* You pinged me? :)

    • d'aww! i just know alot about.....alot X3

    • Kitsune_Galaxy Alright ^.^ Thank you!
      I figured you;d be the best person to go to about it, and I wasn't wrong. :3

    • actually,i didn't make this myself! message user Imoku. they're the one who did my css!

    • Kitsune_Galaxy Thank you for letting me know! I probably would've missed that ^.^ยด Also, I will likely do that commission last, as it's two characters, and they're both a species that I'm not well practiced with.
      However, I will ensure that it is done well, when my inspiration kicks back in.
      I am currently lacking.

    • just to let ya know fren,for the art you're doing for meh,matyx's paws are white,and so are unera's :3

    • NiGHTS even though you didn't do it with permission, I appreciate it. I can never seem to work my programs right to be able to make transparent backgrounds xD

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