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User ID: #14784
Username: Kain
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 20 Oct 2017, 4:28 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 8:59 pm

Profile description

I joined here thanks to my good friend Temple and stay here for the community and gorgeous artwork. I'm currently building up my villagers into actual characters of mine.

Seeking/Breeding for:
Stardust or Adorned Uni for Kara
Free Fairy for Tos

Demon Manti
Blue Hydra
Breeding pair of Red Throated Hummingbirds and Cubs.
Egyptian Spynx (I can dream)

Kain: Doctor, Animal Husbandry, Herbalist
Tair: Animal Husbandry, Warrior and Herbalist
Punk: Explorer, Construction Worker
Rayce: Explorer
Fallout: Blacksmith, Construction, Animal Husbandry
Pox: Alchemist, Warrior, Tailor
Fox: Explorer
Grin: Warrior, Crafter
Dismal: Warrior, Animal Husbandry
Void: Blacksmith, Warrior

Villagers 17

Comments 13

    • kinda busy ]: I think I'm finally doing stuff but I still need to do my homework before I sleep

    • Nope not at all :D

    • Sure! i'll send one over.

    • Cool! I am excited :-)

    • Sure I will still take the galaxy one. Pirate is now finished so just let me know when the galaxy is ready and we will swap.

    • I just started making a pirate costume for you. It should be done at some point tomorrow morning. Are you ready for it? :-) Sorry it has taken me so long to collect 100 sand dollars. They are a real booger to get!

    • Yes! I also really adore the Sethra Lavode/Five Hundred Years Later/Lord of Castle Black set by the same author.
      I have no idea what to call that series.
      The one where he pretends to write as an in-universe historian? I always laugh so much and then run off to re-read the Three Musketeers! You have good taste. Keep recommending?

    • Haha thank you :P

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