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Username: Frostuma
Registered: 26 Nov 2019, 2:32 pm

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Heyo I'm Frostuma, but call me Frost. I love to draw, and like to play D&D with my friends like. Riceman405 . (He's not on much.) My Ocs are Frostuma, Spark, Gearlin, and Ryan/Private V. I like reading Clinic if horrors, Room of swords, and More. I draw cartoons/comics. Right now I'm in to: Naruto, My Hero Academia, Forgotten Realms By R.A.Salvator, and most of all DRAWING! Message are open, but i might not respond quick. (School.) Umm well I also like wantons, and make stupid memes with my friends :/. You are most like me to find me on Roleplays, and Things about art.

More about me-
I work on animations from time to time.
I'm a hour ahead on FV
Love D&D. (I'm a brad, and fighter.)
My fursonas is Nix the wolf, and Grey the Koblod.
Draw mostly on paper, and sometime digitally
I love fantasy, and Steampunk. If I've not said that.
I love dumb facts so go ahead, and put random facts in my comments.
Oh and I may hide Comments cuz I dont like have loads of pages,

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