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User ID: #167324
Username: Svarlet-Batfire
Gender: Female
Last Online: 22 Jan 2021, 11:44 pm
Registered: 18 Jan 2020, 11:48 pm

Profile description

Credits to TropicalDeer For Profile CSS

Wishlist -

I really want to start collecting things so any and all:
Limited Items (Idk why I want to collect these. *Facepaws*)

Things that would help out a lot:
Or just junk you don't want anymore


Art by Kikuri-Tan


Art by Alanah Perrone

Name: Svarlet (Main OC)
Nickname: Svarlet, Svar, Spoof, Neko, etc.
Age: 20
Birthday: January 26, 2000
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Language: English
Hobbies: Read, Write, Sing, Draw, Rap, Game, etc.
Discord: Svarlet Batfire#9075
DM Status: Open
I Want To Be A: Writer, Musician (writing, playing, and singing the music.), YouTuber, Artist, etc.

About You: Well I also like MLP, anime, music, spicy food, fantasy stuff, collecting pointless rocks, sci-fi, solitude, conspiracy theories, binging YouTube, binging Netflix, dumpster diving, snacking, historical mysteries(depending), legends and myths, horror anything and the paranormal, etc. I am also TRYING to start my own server/website and a book/movie series. I would love help.

Unrealistic Goals Are: Having a family someday, To have friends, Being successful in what I love, Owning and watching every movie/show in the world, Owning and playing every game/console in the world (board and video), Owning and reading every book in the world (even children's.. i want kinds someday), Owning a house with a game room/movie room/library/etc, Owning every animal in the world at least once in my life (not at the same time obviously.. wait.. is that possible? owo), etc.

ACTIVE Websites: I have so many inactive. Will fix that later...
Discord - Svarlet Batfire#9075
FB - https://www.facebook.com/svarlet.batfire
Art Fight Link - https://artfight.net/~SvarletBatfire

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    • Huh, that's odd... Thanks for pointing that out to me! I guess the CSS wasn't able to handle a recent profile update, lol. Guess I need to find a new one now~

    • I don't have much interest in collecting- would you in buying/trading for things in my button book/stone collection/toybox/sticker album? While I want to keep some stickers and plushies, most are up for offers! <3

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  • Comment has been hidden

    • Edit:Ah here we go, the link to the css guide is here!. Hope I helped you understand a bit! :0

    • Oh! :0 I'm glad you like my profile! <3 I didn't do it myself though! I got it from one of the free css forums that are available on this site. The one I used can be found on a link on my profile page.

      And as for advice on coding, I'm afraid I dont know much about coding myself, as I have never done it before. I'm sorry to disappoint! D:

      But I can help you with bb coding as I know how to use it.. well the link to the guide is right here. So BB coding is basically making what you write look shorter, for instance If your sending someone a link and dont want to put the entire url for them to see, or if you want to put an image that's viewable.
      I'm pretty sure theres also a guide on how to use css codes for your profile page and/or villager page! On the forums page, there should be one or two guides in the coding section.

      I can also see your fairly new to this game, so if you have any more questions, dont hesitate to hmu and I'll do my best to answer them!

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