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User ID: #200398
Username: Shot
Gender: Foxgender
Last Online: 21 Jan 2021, 8:52 pm
Registered: 30 Nov 2020, 1:03 pm

Profile description

NEW AND IMPROVED PRONOUNS! fox/fox/foxs/foxs/foxself. (Foxgender is a form of xenogender) I’m always working on something, wether it be school, drawing (usually that), or whatnot. My main fursona is Ira. He’s a little mysterious at the moment, mainly because if I want him to be an accurate representation of myself, I need to find my true self. I’m usually gonna be hidden in the background doing my own thing. Guess what other things I'm into from these names: BotW, Death Note, Darth Vader, Delorian, Barbatos Lupus Rex. I'm so much a nerd, that I can quote so many things.

Also, I can’t help but enjoy this song. Got it stuck in my head. Renard - Banned Forever (Daydream Remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzgRVUGTK1o&list=PLay83NNDzhkJxwpSNI6HrkmGf4E-hoMp-&index=579

Also, while furries, weebs and gamers are having wars with each other, I’m just gonna sit in the back because I’m ALL THREE.

Ex of my art:

And I'm pretty sure I made my own Protogen word. Protogenetic: a piece belonging to that of a Protogen; having Protogen origins.

In short:
I am a Foxgender - Both Traditional AND Digital Artist - Currently living in the equivalent of a basement: the garage - Am low-key weeb - Am partially gamer, I’m pretty good at BotW, killed a guardian with just a shield.

My wish list consists of:
Any if not all Magic Fox Plushies (I'm hoarding any fox Plushies. I must have them!)
Any if not all Fox Plushies (I will never remove this, I must have MORE!)
Wickerbeast Morphing Potion (FULFILLED! Yes!)
Any Animals NOT in my menagerie

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Comments 32

    • Probably lol

    • Oh wow, that's perfect :0

    • That'd be super cool, I'm considering magnet eyebrows for my first fursuit too lol

    • It's all good! Just wanted to clear that all up and such, and I hope that fursuit comes out well! :D

    • Ah, hey there! Just wanted to ask if you meant to decline the FC transfer? ><

    • I've seen it done before, but I don't- haven't tried before XD

    • oh! well that should come in handy, thanks for the tip ^^

    • LMAO it's ok

    • I didn't know you could parry it- That must require some good reflexes XD
      I could never
      yee, it's really catchy! got a nice beat to it

    • :0
      Banned Forever is a good one ^^
      whoa you beat a guardian with just a shield-
      *is in awe*

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