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User ID: #200398
Username: IraShotShiko
Gender: Female
Last Online: 16 Oct 2021, 6:28 pm
Registered: 30 Nov 2020, 1:03 pm

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Status report: Life is going good for once

Trans MtF/Poly/Pan <=> Ace/ Amalgakin

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"You can't break what's already broken, you can only try to fix it." -Ira

CSS stolen from nabob0410 then altered to my wants

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    • Thank you!
      Might actually get onto yours somepoint today actually! :D
      Since its early and I usually start drawing at 10pm but already got one done so yours might be the 10pm drawing instead ^^

    • monke

    • hahaha

    • o h n o

    • that would be funny though

      the furries are coming

    • haha furaffinity army

    • Oh wow, that's perfect :0

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