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Username: deku_and_toga
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Last Online: 23 Apr 2021, 8:09 am
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    • i was doing a few peices of art for fairly cheap and it took a while to get 500FD, and ive been playing for around 2-3 years so ive slowly been adding villagers ^-^'

    • Im planning to make an elemental spellbook and am about 30 pages short

    • Flight Rising is another petsite where you raise dragons. To breed minipets you need a villager with animal husbandry.

    • Mostly breeding/selling pets or Flight Rising currency tbh. XD

    • Yeah, I'm aware that I'm a hoarder. XD

    • Yes I get that reaction a lot. XD

    • Thank you, that's quite sweet of you. You don't need to send me anything however, I'm just feeling a tad salty. XD

    • Thank you, I'm pretty sure me saying "manly" was a fast typo, but if you see big words misspelled that's fine to correct since I do have harder time with those! Thank you for understanding my troubles

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