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User ID: #204697
Username: olympus4694
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 27 Jul 2021, 4:56 pm
Registered: 1 Mar 2021, 5:40 pm

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Update: I'm back! After taking a little bit to think, I've regained confidence and am ready to return!

Hey there! I don't know how you found my little patch of Furvilla, but I'm glad you're here to see it! My name is Angel. I recently found my name so it might change, but I get happy whenever I hear it! I'm nonbinary, and please use they/them when referring to me. Thank you bunches!

If you're here because I haven't responded, I don't ever just ignore someone. I'm often thinking over my response, which I like to do for my comfort. Just a little thing from my anxiety. I also could have just forgotten. Feel completely free to remind me or check up on something, I'll be fine with it! I actually get a little excited when I get notifications-

I don't ever intentionally lowball someone. If I have, I'm very sorry! I'm not trying to scam you, I'm literally just that terrible with pricing-

If you want someone to talk to, my PMs are always open! I accept any and all friend requests, and I'm happy to help with anything, FV or not. Also, you can ask a wider amount of people in a forum post here. Or, you can ask one of the helpers listed here! Lastly, if you still need some assistance, no worries! You can contact the staff!

Please nerd out to me about The Owl House! I am REALLY hyperfixated on it!

Maybe not a hyperfixation, but I also like small things. I am mentally ill, and small things give me a sense of comfort. I like to find small spaces, eat tiny food (especially with my hands), and collect things that are smaller than normal.

5723-keepsake-purple-rose-crystal.png 641-paintie-ticket.png 2390-dark-orchid-mystic-kitsune.png 3671-magic-shipwreck-flailadon-plush.png 6114-axolotl-mini-aquarium.png3466-primordial-shifty-morphing-potion.pOR5221-magic-primordial-shifty-plush.png

Thank you so much to the Spray Paint Fairy, Ephemeral Fairy, Rich Fairy, and Dragonflame Fairy! You anons are so sweet!
*cough* says that like I'm not a fairy *cough*

Important bit- I don't discriminate. Absolutely ANYONE is safe here. I may be different than you, I may be more similar than you think. Everyone makes mistakes, and I will never judge you for them. No matter what, you are infinitely worth more than you think. As stated above, my messages and friend requests are always open, if you need to talk, find a friend, or just know someone is there. Just know that I can and will make terrible puns. I'm sorry. It's a fact. (That was some humor, please don't let it stop you from asking for my help. I can cut down on the bad puns if you want, of course!)

Great people to check out: Versoa procyon2 Cad-Bane Runebook MillyCreation

(Hey mods, I've got Furries1212 , my sister, at the same IP. She doesn't really play but I send her gifts sometimes.)

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    • V That hidden comment was me testing something, don't worry nobody said anything mean

    • ooo ok! And no worries, haha. Ill send you a friend request right after I finish playing undertale for the first time, in 2021

      im such a looser

    • Ahaha, Thank you! I still play the game myself, AJPW is my version, if you want to find me there I have the username of Rryuko

    • I doooo have an art shop actually. Unfortunately its closed at the moment as I've been overloaded with comms since...last year? So...I'll let you know when I get around to doing come again tho :0

    • Thanks for purchasing! your artwork is in progress!

    • Daaamn, a lot of people know my fairy identity, mostly cause I like to play little games. ;w;

    • >.>

      I won't tell

      also thank u

    • It does have to be an OFB one, last time I remember I can't add other villages houses unless I decide to move there then move back

    • Thank you! DemiM0n made him for me!

    • Yup its very fun learning a new skill too! I wish i had more materials though.... i had these acylic tubes of thicker paint that worked really pretty well instead of the cheaper paint.... but most of them were dried out...
      But its a fun experience and i am good at making messes with paint everywhere i started using my arm as a paint palette at one point XD

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