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Username: Heresy
Gender: Female
Last Online: 21 May 2021, 2:49 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:23 pm

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Female | 18 | Pansexual | Scorpio ♏ | Poland

Stuff I like include: cows, webcomics, anime, RPs, unicorns, books, animals, music, art, manga, games, pretty colors, writing, video games, mythological creatures, musicals, movies, fantasy, random stuff, monsters, bats, floof, memes, Nintendo games, hugs and original characters.
If you’re looking for a person to chat to, feel free to pm me! ♥

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    • Yeah, there are some posts on their tumblr, and I visit their twitter page for updates every once in a while; I am actually very impressed with the number of quality of life updates. The multi-harvest/multi-plant options are actually saving my life (I mean, figuratively) because before their implementation it sometimes took me up to 20 minutes to plant 10 seeds... It could get quite frustrating at times. Not that I'm blaming them for the lag - it's hard not to expect any with over 3k people online!

      I'm not sure if they've decided on new species yet? I know there's a vote going on and moths/insects are quite high up on the list. I bet they'd look really cute in the fv artist's style. As for closed species; do you mean other villages having their own special species (lol) too? Because I'm certainly for that, that'd be pretty neat.

    • Glad to hear that! I'm enjoying myself very much too. I really like the variety in jobs/tasks, and how basically every luxury item has to be crafted and cannot be simply bought in a shop.

      I agree with you on the art - it's really cute! I love how soft it looks.

    • Hi there!! Great to see another familiar face (well, username) around here. Are you enjoying yourself here so far?

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