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User ID: #21846
Username: Lexxeck
Gender: Female
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 9:45 am

Profile description

• Gender: Female
• Age: 22
• Breed: Papillon Dog / Fennec Fox hybrid
• Detailed Info: [link]

• Loves to chat, come say hi!
• Loves making friends
• Loves to roleplay
Loves huggles
• Loves pets
• Ally to all 8ZQbkvx.png
• Seeking artists for Closed Species! Please PM me for details.

• Computers
• Technology
• Internet - Memes AND how it works
• Doggies <3
• Gaming! - Xbox 360/One, PS4, & PC
• Legend of Zelda
• Older consoles - Ps2, Gameboys, Original Nintendo DS, Gamecube, Wii, etc.
• Music - Pop, Metal, Alternative, Top 40, Industrial, Dubstep, Hardstyle
• Learning new languages - I know some Spanish, Portuguese, German, and bits of others, and would love to learn more!
• Philosophy
• Politics
• Religion - I truly love learning about others!

• Find me at:
steam_by_revpixy-d7i7ol1.png imvu_by_revpixy-d8lu8so.png twitter_by_revpixy-d6b2pos.png askfm_by_revpixy-d7i7old.png toyhouse_by_revpixy-d9coior.png chickensmoothie_by_revpixy-d9coipj.png flightrising_by_revpixy-d9coipd.png
• 3DS Friend Code:
1392 - 5604 - 0829

• Userboxes:



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- Pachoopi [#259]
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    • AAAAAAAA thank you so much!!! I'm squealing you're too nice

    • Ahh thank you for the tip! ;U;

    • Your profile comic about "not" being a furry is me. lol Denial is hard.

    • Thank you for the tip AND the profile image, it is 14/10. Also some of those badges are relatable af.

    • you're so very Welcome :)

  • Comment has been hidden

    • msjanny - That's fine, mistakes happen! I'll wait the extra 30 minutes for the 100% (:

    • *low potency sells for about as much as full potency

      typo oops

    • I... I have two doctor villagers, one of which I'm still training, and uhhh, sometimes I mix up the two. (Basically, I crafted a 35% lotion instead of a 100% lotion in the past half hour.)

      ... I can mix together three to create one at 90%, but TBH, I'd really rather not as full potency meds sell for just about as much as high potency meds because of quests these days.

      I mean, if you insist, I'll do it because I feel pretty bad about it, but otherwise, would you mind waiting another 30 minutes? I'm so sorry. ;;

      You can continue searching in that time for someone else to sell you one, if you want?

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