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User ID: #2187
Username: Surgeon
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:24 pm

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I'm Aiva, but call me Maxie.

I've been around since beta and still (somewhat) active to this day. I'm currently developing my series, The Kirai Effect, outside of FV. My current interests are Pokemon, Kid Icarus, Kingdom Hearts, and Minecraft.

My main goal is complete my toybox, as well as my sticker album, keepsake cabinet, and fashion chest!
May try to complete my stamp collection and armoury, but they're not priorities atm

Old username - Davin
Changed on August 28th, 2020

DeviantArt | Toyhouse | Twitter
Wishlist | Art Shop

List of painties I need to update:
- Klaus
- Nicholas
- Umbra
- Aiva(?)
- Cyrus(?)
- Sylas
- Audrey
- Anubis (+Primal Morph Potion)
- Carmen
- Blitz (+Primal Morph Potion?)
- Prototype
- Felix (+Primal Morph Potion?)
- Rain(?)
- Hypnos (+Primal Morph Potion?)
- Gembound(?)
- Kaycie (+Primal Morph Potion?)
- Apollo (+Primal Morph Potion?)
- Heimguppe(?)

Base code by snowflakeartist

Villagers 32

Comments 186

    • omg,I didn't see your comment on my profile until now XD
      Wendigos are blessed bois and need more love!

    • I decided I wanted your other one too... So it has been bought XD

    • hOW???
      [saw your comment in the 'Art for Tickets' thread]

    • I do still need one, but are you sure? I don't know how rare they are, but I have yet to like.... actually find anything for this event xD;;;

    • A little raven answers the door and caws in delight.
      "Oh~! What a cool costume! Here you good~"
      The raven hands you two boxes with holes in them. Are-are the boxes moving?

    • Taemin walks up to your villagers doorstep, holding a plush pumpkin basket. "Trick or treat!"

    • Trick or treat!

    • Oh my gosh haha, my cat stepped on my keyboard when I hit 'post' that's why those 1's are there... she's snuggled up close to me now so I think my keyboard is safe !

    • 'Mmmh, I can smell the delicious treats from here! This house is gonna be a good one, I know it!' Mochi, dressed up in his vampire costume (can you even call it a costume if he loves it so much he wears it all year 'round?), clutches his small pumpkin-shaped basket with candies in it. 'I'm so excited ! This is the best holiday eVER!' He quickly knocks on the door as his eyes twinkle with excitement. 'Trick or treat !!'111111

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