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User ID: #29308
Username: Jussie
Gender: Female
Last Online: 8 Feb 2020, 3:49 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 6:38 pm

Profile description

You can find me on Dappervolk, FlightRising and Hearthstone under the username Jussie,

Stuff in my stall can be haggled for, half the time I can't be bothered to keep rechecking prices to make sure they're not too high.. or I haven't priced it at all.

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    • Sorry for delays. Gems sent now! ^^

    • Thank you for the Kapro!

    • Thank you for the Pup!

    • No doubt. Still, thank you! *Hugs*

    • Holy Hades! Thanks for buying all that! You rock!

    • I wanted to. <3 A lot of this stuff was spare that wasn't going to sell at all so I'm glad it could be put to use.
      I totally agree with you on the lack of being able to farm FC at a good rate, and the material/weapon drops are so low they're almost non-existant. Hopefully the staff will listen and change some things back.

    • v I agree, I saw the colored version of your stoat warrior and I can't wait to see it up. It's beautiful <3

    • Hey Jussie! Just wanted to say your mustelid warrior greyscale looks incredible :o

    • I'm shushing! >x< hehe

    • I cant unsee you as like, 2 teenagers in a trench coat now xD

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