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User ID: #31191
Username: Koro-san
Gender: Female
Last Online: 11 Apr 2020, 11:08 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 9:35 pm

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Hey! I'm not too active anymore, but feel free to check me out on any of these other sites!
Chicken Smoothie
Mycena Cave

Everything in my gallery is for sale. Message me if you'd like to offer for something!

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    • Just a fun fact, I tried an actual card game with one of your cards in a randomized deck.
      075. Cassata, the Friendly Giant, is a beast and they caused the death of two of my cards before my cards were able to really do damage to any of the other cards in the deck.

    • you too ✨

    • where ever you go after FV, I will always be grateful to you

  • Comment has been hidden

    • aaaa thank you too ! :''> it's been a handful of months since i've used this site,, i might go ahead and revamp my profile a little! ♡

    • gently hops onto your page
      i'd just love to say I absolutely adore koro-san's design! :''>

    • I need 95 frosted tokens for a costume, are you willing to haggle for 900 each? It's fine if no ^^

    • ok ive seen you around the forums a lot and ive always loved your vista

    • I fucking love your “it is dirty” image I’m cryin

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