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Username: kadinskies
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Last Online: 12 Jul 2020, 2:46 am
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I'm Mercy, 23, Full time artist- chaotic bisexual with attachment issues.

I'm a Brisbane based artist, though chronically ill so that's never any fun. I studied games at uni as well as Animal Studies with a focus in Vet Nursing, and have had extended experience in game concept art, web design and product design though it's very draining so don't do that much anymore.

I'm a bird, axolotl and snake mother and LOVE all things nature.




I'm open for custom pieces- they vary in cost depending on complexity!

See thread as i'm too disorganized to handle two lists haha

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    • Omg this is SOOO late but yes. I used the tag Reveta for my art for YEARS <3 ;w; thank you so much. I finally got back on FV xx;

    • I actually didn't have some of those, thank you! I've heard you can have as many as the tank can hold, but I imagine they would mistake other's fills as worms or something DX

    • Good advice, I like doing pet research, I believe I already wrote a list about them. I hear they're sensitive to filters/water flow.

    • Just bought a female for him. I've considered getting an actual axolotl, heard they have many babies. Sounds fun. Welcome back :3

    • Thank you very much! I love axolotls.

    • aaaaaa your snake is so beautiful! ;w;

    • I liked your fur idol entry and gave you a vote. :3

    • Thanks for the comment on Kshanti!

    • Thanks a bunch!

    • That... sounds rather annoying. So they get picky over your cat's head, but a headless deer goes right through?

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