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User ID: #3535
Username: EmeraldOx
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:10 pm

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R.I.P 600+ login streak, I fell asleep past reset :(

Update on my condition as of April 2019: I'm all done with college but for the past year I've been struggling to get a job and deal with my conditions at the same time. I'm sorry for the delays and I promise I will get owed customs completed as soon as I finish an important portfolio piece.

Hi, I'm Emerald! I use they/them pronouns.
I make these little slug-dragons called nudragons!
I also give out free soup for the monthly feasts here!

I'm mostly a pet collector here. I am currently on the hunt for these pets!



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    • Sorry, I just woke up and clicked the wrong button due to blurry eyes. :X I re-sent the trade. Sorry, about that.

    • I do! I had the male up for 500FD in my stall, but I'd sell it for 250,000 FC instead if FC is your preference. If you're interested, just send a trade request so there's not the 5% market tax.

    • Thanks for buying the Bejeweled Pearl! If you're interested in buying another (and/or getting a guy for your menagerie), feel free to send an inquiry my way.

    • Thanks for the stables brother.

    • We are the EMERALD TEAM

    • Thanks for the soup!!

    • Thanks for the soup! ^w^

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