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User ID: #35740
Username: SilverWings
Gender: Pangender
Last Online: 29 Aug 2017, 11:11 am
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 11:14 am

Profile description

Hi! My name is Silver Wings the Secretary Bird! I am a pansexual and prefer they, them & their pronouns. I am very particular about my villagers. Since there is not a Secretary Bird in the Raptor section I am commissioning a painty of me! Yay! Max is based on my pet Python, I adore the iridescent dragon's colors and let's face it, the V-raps are awesome and I miss my Ackie...

I do not play this game for the currency as much as I do the exploring and herbalist class. I'm not a young gun, I'm a tad old school.

If you don't like what I sell my wares for, shove it!

Villagers 11

Comments 4

    • Thank you very much!

    • Ahh, thank you for your comment! I'm working on getting a species reference sheet up for her, she's way more fluffy than furvilla would probably allow lol

    • You got the reply thing right :D I'm glad you like my villager ^^ It's fun to see another person around who likes birds / has a bird sona.
      It's fine that you didn't ask first, I was just wondering if I knew you from another site because I'm terrible at remembering people's names x.x

    • Hi, I see you've send me a friend request. Do I know you?

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