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Username: Dallascitymouse
Gender: Female
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 2:28 pm

Profile description

dallas/rose - she/her

heyo!! so idk what to say much uhh

im an artist who specializes in animals
but im learning to draw humans now
too <33 i use clip studio paint on my
mac with a wacom tablet

my main interests are love live (my
best girls are maki and nico), danganronpa, games, horror movies, splatoon 2, pokemon, and xenoblade!!


L I N K S ;;

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    • awesome! just wanted to make sure :D

      and welcome back, i just came back recently too :D

    • just wanted to make sure before I did anything with them did you mean to list those flittens at 1fc?

    • oh hewwo!!! i love idols!! i see ur fave is maki.. i lov her a lot too!! cute tomato babey

    • Hey old friend!

    • It's worth 2kFD so I could do a flat colored chibi for it since that's the same price I charge for those!

    • Would you trade the rose wolf in your stall for some art?

    • If anything here happens to interest you instead, let me know? ^^

    • Any chance you'd trade the Pink Rose Aardwolf in your stall for a Fae Shell Garden Snail?

    • im good!! been pretty stressful lately but stuff will eventually get better, hbu?? IM SORRY I QUIT FOR LIKE A YEAR AAA IM PLANNING TO TRY AND COME BACK

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