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User ID: #42343
Username: Shel
Gender: Female
Last Online: 4 Mar 2021, 12:54 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 3:16 am

Profile description

Eventual Villagers
-- Def. Need a badger.
-- DaD?
--Sheep whenever availible

Painties To-Do
--Orchid [sketched/gray scaling]
--Elya [color + sketches + vauge outlines]
--Pocket [conceptualized]
--Edon [pondered]
--Thabias; [paintie in progress]
--Rue [No idea yet; possible pirate costume?]
--Kelpie/Selkie [painties in progress]

Please PM me about commissions if interested!

trying to css later

Villagers 15

Comments 25

    • hehe, It's adorable! I love it <3

    • No problem! Thanks for the battles! ^-^

    • Thanks to you too! XD Gee it's hard to leave Jack O Lanterns because everyone's full up. It's a Jack-o-Traffic-Jam!

    • Not a problem, enjoy!

    • I'm using a Light Trinket.

    • Oh wow, really?! ;o; I was actually thinking of opening a few shops when I got everything together, I'll definitely be sure to let you know!! ahhhhh tysm

    • Omg thank you. ;w; I tried, haha
      I definitely have a long way to go with digital art, but I'm glad that you like it!! :)

    • I certainly do! AH and Warrior are my favourite careers XD

    • Awwwmygosh thank you!

    • Due to my focus on AH expansion I'm a bit behind on collecting suncoins, haha. But more than anything I'd love a hand with wood and stables so I can stop parking my harems in the stalls XD

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