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User ID: #44967
Username: VoidDancer
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 1:21 pm

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Hi, welcome to my profile :3

I´m VoidDancer, confused artist with a bit of an addiction to the warrior career.
I´m promise I am actually friendly but sometimes (often) my social anxiety gets the better of me and it takes me a while to scrape up the courage to answer to comments and messages and every so often I don´t manage at all, so please don´t take it personally if that happens with you.

My free time got cut into quite a bit recently so I will not be around too much and I will not be taking drawing commissions anymore for a while, sorry.

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    • Absolutely adored your writing contest entry! From one writer to another :)

    • Dang look at that paintie

    • Thank'ya kindly!

    • !! You're an angel QwQ thanks so much!!

    • I agree, I like the way the system works and yeah I happened to be available right as you posted so I figured I could help you out real quick.

    • I had a suspicion but it's good to see that losing fights to me doesn't affect elo when we're that far apart.

    • Thanks for the trade :)

    • yooo! Your art is really fantastic! Lots of body to it and use of color!

    • Thank you <3

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