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User ID: #45802
Username: Lord_King_Ferret
Last Online: 27 Jan 2021, 10:21 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 3:13 pm

Profile description

Formerly Emerald2000
~The user of too many exclamation marks~
~They/He/She; Any pronouns are fine!~
I'm just a budding artist and animator with a love for object-heads, horses, and ferrets!
And also exclamation marks oops--

The Ferret Kingdom reigns surpreme in TEP

Forum Threads!
Cleaning out my account!

Places you can find me (Though honestly I'm most active on here):
Toyhou.se Rogueidea
Mweor: &
Dappervolk: And #1573
Goatlings: Smiwee
4dopt: And #254

Typically, if you see Smiwee/Smiwee200 or Scowlicks, that's probably me. And I might accept currencies from the sites above (when applicable/allowed) for art and adopts!

My menagarie and toybox are always open for offers!!

5168-cat.png Cat(s)!
641-paintie-ticket.png Paintie Tickets!
3506-digital-artist-button.png Art!
576-hp-potion.png HP Potions/Mini HP Potions (for Sparkly Spectrum Potion)
I also like character designs or adopts! I prefer animals like horses, ponies, sheep, cows, etc. I'm also interested in Pokemon or Homestuck fancharacters!

I'm in or getting into a few fandoms, such as Pokemon,
Don't Starve, Homestuck, BHNA, and Danganronpa! I'd be up for buying designs of fancharacters from fandoms I'm in, as well as roleplaying!
Paintie Goals:
Get me sona painties (still need to make Emerald, Scowlicks, Ampersand, Andesio)
Remake Box's paintie because it's bad :/
Personal Art Goals:
Ref sheets for basically all my sonas

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    • Ferrets and chinchillas are great!

    • Oh, thank you!! I wouldn't have noticed XD thanks for keeping an eye out, I appreciate it!

    • Thanks very much for the trades, and no worries about the delay!

    • Thank you for commissioning me! it means a lot.

    • Again, thank you so much! :D

    • Thank you so so much for the transfer!

    • I too love ferrets

    • No need to send any payment ^^

    • I sent an invite to Sallentine, the flower children's homeland, if you'd like to join! <3

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