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User ID: #4625
Username: Teleway
Gender: Female
Last Online: 6 Nov 2021, 4:37 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:43 pm

Profile description

She/Her| Cisgender| Straight Ace| Christian| Lawful Neutral

I love Transformers, Zoids, Pokemon, Digimon, Naruto, real animals, fantasy animals, and many other things!

Current wishlist (Animal Husbandry):
Chipmunk (M/F)
Shelhowl (M)
Mechanical Bird (M/F)
Mechanical Fish (M/F)
Mechanical Seal (M/F)
Mechanical Wolf (M/F)
Meep (M/F)
Snell (M/F)
Squirrel (M/F)
Manatee (M/F)
Sugar Glider (M/F)
Caterpillar (M/F)
Jelliquarium (M/F)
Gummi Yummi Otter (F)

Wishlist (Other):
Magic Maiden Canine Plush
Magic Peasant Rodent Plush
Magic Noble Bear Plush
Magic Musketeer Raccoon Plush
Magic Blue Topaz Gembound Plush

Animal Husbandry successes:
Blue Chirp (F) 12/25/16
Blue Doge (F) 02/24/17
Free Fairy (M) 07/08/17
Icy Burr (M) 08/07/17
Electric Jelly (M) 08/10/17
Entangled Shadow (M) 08/21/17
Ragamuffin Flitten (F) 08/26/17
Rainbow Cloudog (F) 09/01/17
Adorned Uni (M) 09/04/17
Gold Lung Dragon (F) 01/04/18
Multilegged Axolotl (F) 06/01/18

Villagers 29

Comments 56

    • Thanks for the stuff on the tree! I do hope you aren't leaving.

    • Oh don't worry about it! All im aiming for is a faint harem so commons are fine x3

    • Sorry was shoving snakes into my stall xD

    • Yeah! I'm so excited for the new ones, when they first came out I had a bit of a fit and purchased an entire set plus 300 or so extra commons o.o
      I had a whole gallery full xD

    • Omg thank you so much!!

    • Alright!

    • No problem :) I have plenty

    • Gosh I feel so bad about it lol
      I've never used Equiverse but I might want to try it sometime! It sounds nice ^^

    • Yeah, very true. All I was doing was like, going through the different sites in my head like a checklist and seeing which ones had been mentioned. ^^;; I actually haven't played since October, so the less friendly stuff is pretty far from my mind right now, haha. I'm just grateful that you caught it as quick as you did, I don't want to cause any trouble ^^;;

    • Gosh thanks for the ping, you literally mentioned it the sentence before I said no one mentioned it too, I can't believe I didn't notice. And the 13/16 didn't even occur to me, I should have remembered ^^;; I didn't want to crowd the thread but thanks for correcting me!

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