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Username: OwnedByCats
Gender: Female
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 8:03 pm

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    • oh nuuuu. You're leaving? :O

    • Not sure if you check this page anymore ... Just wanted to let you know that Biscuit is doing quite well ... #2 in TEP 10335 wins so far :)

    • I am patient. Its not like the dragons, he won't starve to death or anything. Like I said I will get rid of the rest and all my junk and then he can sit there and wait on you and you can reach me on FR and all will be good.

    • I know! I am pretty tempted. But it'll be a while before I have the money to do all the things XD
      If you're patient with me I'll give him a good home!

    • Definitely. There are many things to do with technology, but obsessing over it or using it all the time is unhealthy. It is important to take time and enjoy the world outside of a light up screen.
      People who text and drive are the scariest. But the obsessions and bullying that occur on line are also dangerous. I just find things easier to deal with when they are physically in front of me. Ya know?

    • I agree on all counts! The hardest part about kid sleep today, at any age, is that they are stuck behind a screen 24/7 rather than being given the chance to go outside and socialize. There is no attention given when the current generation is constantly on some form of electronic device. Like I love th einternet as much as the next person but fresh air PLEASE!

    • That sounds kind of like my Christmas plans XD.
      I agree though working and having kids is just as stressful. I'm not a mom though, I'm a teacher XD sort of. It isn't official for another 4-5months. Need to finish my degree.

    • You do you. Hehe. I have a weird collection system XD
      I only collect 4 ocean related things because it makes it 1 line. It is for all my water themed characters.
      I'll eventually have stars for my star themed. Career themed for my weekends XD I am an odd nut.
      You can just keep selling them. When you get ready to exchange currency between games let me know! I'd love to trade FC for T after I earn some during NotN. Schools got me swaaaaamped!

    • I will definitely send ppl your way if I hear anyone in need of such wonderful villagers!
      I'll send an FR request. Sorry to hear you're leaving FV :(
      I will never refuse freebies XD

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