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Username: batwoman
Gender: Genderfluid
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 11:39 am

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You wander into an opening in the side of a Dragon's Maw Manor mountain, ignoring all caution for the warm, welcoming beckon you feel coming from inside. You only spend a few steps in the darkness before a you're walking under a beautiful blue light. Before you can begin to wonder where it comes from, you're approached by a buzzing... moth?

Yes, a moth is at your side. It can't do anything but beep for your attention. Somehow, you understand it wants you to follow it, so you let it lead you deeper into the cave.

Welcome to The Hidden Cave of Dragon's Maw Manor!

There's a blue fog surrounding the cave that obscures your view of the cave's various ends, making it hard for you to decide where to go next. Knowing this difficulty, somebody has taken care to note the cave's different attractions. You could visit the animal stables, admire the cave's flora (and wonder how they manage to grow anything in a cave), or meet the cave's aspiring doctor. The latter seems to be the most significant; the cave's waters have a healing property that's unlike anything you've ever seen. It's no wonder that this cave's main product is medicine!

Jay ♢ 18 ♢ They/Them ♢ ISFP

♢ Hello, you can call me Jay! I like talking about comic books, robots, astrology, and video games. Feel free to PM me, just be aware that I am VERY forgetful! I'm never intentionally ignoring/avoiding anybody... just forgetting, constantly.

Jason Todd es mi corazón de melón. Jord and Aspen too.

♢ Reach 1 million.
♢ Obtain all the minipets (209/696).
♢ Have Parsley master all seeds. DMM and QP are currently complete.
♢ Have Rayne master domestication on all minipets. Currently working on OD!
♢ Have Wrex master every village's medicine. Working on QP!

My timezone is 2 hours behind the server.

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    • oh my goodness! thank you so much for the lovely gifts!! merry christmas!

    • Thank you! <3

    • Thank you.

    • <33

    • You're most welcome!
      Have a lovely day <3

    • No repayment necessary, friend! :D Though if you're interested in trading in the future, let me know. I'm trying to get the ball rolling on this pet breeding thing, so I expect I'll have some uncommon colors to spare in time.

    • You're welcome, I have no use for them anymore, might as well give them to someone, than releasing them :)

    • Found a spare female kritty, so sent

    • ahh alright!! thank you!!!

    • I OPENED THE PAGE AND WAS LIKE,,,, MEAT. ALL THE MEAT. i havent done anything with it haha you can have it back, it looked like a mistake.

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