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Username: smear
Gender: they/them
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 11:36 am

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In the woods, just past the manor, there is a small group of villagers exploring the outskirts. Just beyond where they venture, there is a large garden they call home.

Sometimes, Wickerbeasts spawn from these gardens and venture into the world.
Wickerbeasts unleashed: Venus, Kvlt, Marvah, Thystle, Keipyr, and Kala.

hiya! currently taking paintie commissions for FC, FD, $ USD, seeds, and wood!
More info here: my paintie thread

eventually, ill have painties for all my villagers!

+Seeds: katz is a master herbalist! he can grow all seeds without failure.

Morphing potions:
i could make one for you!
if you have all the materials for one, i’ll craft it for you!
message me if you’re interested and ill send you what i need.

lycan is practicing to become a master doctor. he only has 1 oceandome, and all of dragonsmaw to go.

skink, my construction worker (500), would be more than happy to make something for you! if you have the wood needed, she could build it for you for free!

current commissions:
sticker sheets for: prismakry

finished paintie commissions:
pearl and sang .

pets i want
chocolate orca - F
brown sharkitty - M
beluge - F/M
winter monkee - F
white peep - F
tan chihuahua - F/M
pink sphinx - F/M
brown spiny mouse - F/M
Brown Bearded Dragon - F/M
Yellow Corgi - F/M
Gold Fennec Fox - F/M
White Face Slow Loris - F/M
Classic Sugar Glider - F/M
Red Flishy - F
Tan Pika - F/M

Villagers 12

Comments 27

    • Thank you so much for your purchases ^^

    • THANK YOU fOR THE SNACKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank u for blessing the Giving Tree

    • Thank you so much!! <3 You didn't have to, you're very sweet!

      I wish you luck on the rest of your plushie adventure!! <333

    • Thank you for your purchase~

    • Thank you for your purchase~

    • Hi, you're gREAT for recognizing my Kamisama sig

    • HONK :o)

    • Likewise! :D New album hyyyype.

    • I hope those slabs you bought help ya ^^ if you need more, please do PM me! Thanks~
      Do have a wonderful day

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