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User ID: #58139
Username: Rainstorm
Gender: Female
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 11:53 am

Profile description

Hey there, I'm Rainstorm, or Rain. I tend to keep to myself mostly, but I do enjoy talking to people every once in a while. :)

I have accounts on Felisfire (Rainstorm #18482), FlightRising (MorningRain #68099), and ChickenSmoothie (BitterDawn #1426). I'm only really active here and on FF, though.
I now have a Toyhouse! Here it is. ^_^

This awesome graphic made for me by Malefor

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    • Thats fine with me! Ill set up a trade ^0^

    • Could i purchase the galaxy costume in your stall for FC? That would be 100kFC

    • hehe Aww thank you!! <3 I absolutely love Galaxy, and Pink, and CMYK

      (sorry about the late reply, i had gone to bed! >.<)

    • hehe no worries on that XD I'm pretty okay with keeping a convo going i think o.o

    • hehe, it was great talking to you <3
      if you ever wanna strike up a convo, I'll be happy to! <3

    • hehe well she's super cute! I cant wait to see how she turns out! <3

    • hehe I see you decided to go ahead and com her! <3 Such a cute char!
      new fren? <3

    • hehe Awwwe thank you so much <3

      yesh, her adopts are adorable <3 (sneak peak, she might be doing another unigoat)

    • hehe yes, yes i did! and I am indeed impressed! o.o
      I cant help but admire that as well, since her art is just darling

    • Wow <3 I absolutely LOVE your painties!

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