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User ID: #63321
Username: Ailyria
Gender: Female
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 10:04 am

Profile description

My name is Panther

My toybox is not for sale!

Flight Rising = Ailyria

Pokefarm Q = Ailyria

Profile is Wip

Pets I don't have My Menagerie
Plushes I don't have My Toybox
Warrior Costume for Xena Thank you! ElderOrca
Seeds from other villages: Aradia's Seed Book
Wood for making stables
Fancy Plant Drink
or any of it's materials:
  • x10 Compost
    x5 Salt
    x5 Emerald Feather
    x25 Animal Fangs
    x25 Fairy Mushrooms
    x25 Hot Chocolate Packet
    x25 Leather Boots
    x25 Scuba Shoes
    x15 Pea Algae
    x15 Chomper Plant
    x15 Flying Fur
    x15 Iceberries
    x15 Strange Celery

User Profile "Galaxy" by: snowflakeartist Found ->here<-

Villagers 12

Comments 22

    • I'm so sorry for all the notifications my buying from you is going to generate. :')

    • Ahhh thank you so much for the seeds would you like any seeds from dmm in return?

    • :0! ty!!!

    • fjfsa i meant to bump the thing linked not put it in your signature

    • Oof, that was actually the perfect amount! Thanks so much! ^^

    • Thank you so much for earlier!!

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Thank you so much for the pets! These will help a lot! ;w;

    • Thank you n_n

    • Thank you for the breeding potion. That was very kind of you.

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