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User ID: #64807
Username: Raru
Gender: Female
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 4:31 pm

Profile description

Hey, I'm Raru!
[[ 24 | Female | Whatever Pronouns | Pansexual | Taken ]]
I'm an artist, and I adore animals, monsters, and furs!
I work at a cafe and as a dog-sitter.

I have been VERY inactive here for about a year and a half maybe? I kinda forgot about Furvilla and I'm probably not super well-versed in how stuff works anymore. ^^;

I don't accept random friend requests, sorry!

If you'd like to haggle a little on stuff in my shop, feel free to make offers. I don't bite!

Commissions = Closed
Art trades = open, but picky!
Collabs = open!

Stalk me on...
((PM me if you want my Discord!))

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    • "Precious? What- uhm, thank you! That's very nice of you!"

    • I am pretty much Akiruru everywhere except for tumblr and Twitter...and yes, I do have an deviantART ! ;u ; Thank you for liking my art aaaa

    • Ahhh! All your painties are so cute :} I shall stalk you on DA.

    • ohmygosh thankyou so much!! ;w; I still need to work on Hauyne's page, ahah <3
      making personalities and pretty pages for these sweethearts makes me happy. I think I have an addiction to these furry lil nuggets. ♥ uwu;

    • Nice un :O I hope it's okay that I sent you a friend request - you don't have to accept tho especially since you'd prefer to only have people you talk with often on your list, which I totally get. Btw, your villagers are gorgeous! Especially Starboy, Pilot and Loey. ;w;

    • Thank you! Yours is cute too <3

    • Thank you! I try to keep commission work and personal work very separate, so I don't think I'll be sharing the other sites I'm on >-> If you happen to stumble across me, though, feel free to say hi!

    • thank you !!!

    • Thank you so much for the purchase~!
      Adorable villagers, might I add <3

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