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User ID: #7232
Username: edwardelric
Gender: Trans Boy
Last Online: 14 Feb 2021, 12:39 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:16 pm

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edward / 18 / male / gay / student artist and illustrator
deviantart, tumblr, instagram: @asheds
I'm the Fullmetal alchemist!! check out my about before talkin to me tho
COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!!!! :3 prices r here
hey check out my fma spinoff series Fullmetal Alchemist: Awakening!

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    • hey! So about Plum's species, do you think you could PM me the rules, species mutation thing, and the base? My forums are glitched and I cant see a thing XD

    • everything about this page is so good and beautiful omg... the css and all the villagers.... //lies here for a bit//

    • That's fine with me! I do too <3

    • I love all of your villagers, especially Valentine! Do you like to roleplay? We could do one between Rocket and Valentine.

    • woah u seem super cool! nice CSS ❤

    • YOU'RE COOL!!!

    • idk about me being nice but I'm definitely v gay. You're super cool my friend!

    • Honestly that's half of why I don't breed. I dunno if I could handle losing babies, I would probably blame myself regardless of the actual cause. I've had pets since I was 2 so I've seen them come and go and I understand it as part of the deal but it never gets easier. My older dog is I think in his last couple of years and I'm not looking forward to the day he leaves. I used to have a pair of rats and they were hard to lose. They were great animals, losing the first one wasn't as bad because he went pretty peacefully. He got cancer and we decided it was time for him to go and took him to the vet. But the other, I'm not sure what killed him but he had seizures for a few hours before passing which as a 10 year old child was not the most pleasant thing for me to watch. But I would much rather have pets and lose them than have no critters in my life. And fortunately, other than my grumpy old poodle, everyone's young and healthy right now. My oldest snake is only about 7 years and my other pup is 4.

    • ahhhhhh is no problem though ^_^ and ah wowzers o-o that's a long time

      also I'm not an angel*roars, trying to be menacing*

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