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Username: -Survivor-
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"I have Survived Hell. I was abused, tormented, threatened, hurt....but you will not silence me. I will tell my story 100 times and if only one person becomes free from abuse, than it was all worth it." - Unknown

"From every wound there is a Scar. And every Scar tells a Story. A Story that says I SURVIVED." - Fr. Craig Scott

"After a While, I looked in the mirror...and realized...wow, after all those hurts, scar and bruises, after all of those trials...I really made it through. I SURVIVED. I did it. That which was supposed to kill me made me so much stronger....and I straightened my crown and walked away like a boss." - unknown

Hi, I'm -Survivor- and I have been through hell and back from an abusive marriage. I have PTSD and I am a Domestic Abuse survivor. I have had my life threatened, I have been beaten, abused and hurt....But I survived because I never gave up. I will let my voice be heard.

If you support those who have survived any type of abuse, show your support by putting this ribbon in your signature or profile. Let others know that their voice can still be heard!


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    • It was very nice to visit your profile and see you in the forums.
      I recognize you, survivor, as it takes one to know one. Cancer was my abuser.
      May you be covered with peace.

    • Thank you very much! 0 u 0;

    • I definitely relate to your love for Sesshomaru. I haven't watched Inuyasha in years (i gotta get back tp it) but when i think back, my heart still flutters for him... don't worry, i won't get between you two

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