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User ID: #76281
Username: Faunicorn
Gender: Female
Registered: 11 Dec 2016, 1:56 pm

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Female - FL - 25
notice: away for El Día de los Reyes Magos and celebrating with family till sunday


cervine, unicorns and glitter, oh my
My favourite animals are from the deer family!

I'm Fauni, My goal here is to flood the place with pastel painties and obnoxiously cute unicorns and stars, but until then I'm working how to get around on this site. Tips and advice appreciated!

Just a note my boyfriend also plays! We live together and play from the same IP!

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✨ I accept all friend requests ✨

✨ If you want to make my day, send me a deer plush ✨

✨Magical or not, idc! I collect caribou especially tho! ✨

✨The last unicorn is my favourite movie! ✨

✨ I also love Unico! ✨

Mythic costume for Elysian
- need: Frozen tokens (100/100) - ⭐ COMPLETE
- Mythic Fang ⭐COMPLETE
- Mythic costume: ⭐ COMPLETE
- Cat morphing potion ⭐ COMPLETE
- Custom paintie: in process
- Paintie ticket: in process

Gallery wants:
White uni ⭐ GOT
Appaloosa Uni ⭐ GOT
Stardust Uni ⭐ GOT
Adorned Uni ⭐ GOT
Caribou Plush: 25/25 ⭐ GOT
Red Nose: 25/25 ⭐ GOT
White Tail: 0/25
Fallow Deer: 2/25

100 Pots for Elysium (100/100) ⭐ COMPLETE

Saving goal:
802K / 1 mil

Villagers 10

Comments 20

    • Love Unico and The Last Unicorn.
      Also yay fellow deer nut~

    • Someone else who also knows Unico ;___; ❤

    • i love your cat sona so much idk why but i love her

    • Seeing your signature led me to your beautiful profile. I want clips on my profile to spread the happiness.
      I am overcome with joy, although I only have a scar where my horn used to be. <3
      "The Last Unicorn" still makes me cry!

    • So many unicorns :@

    • Yeah, it really was sad but I really liked the art style and unicorns are a plus. 8'D
      I use to collect these unicorn plushies in when I was in korea and had a gazillion of them to the point where they covered my whole bed. I don't know what my dad did with them though and he doesn't remember either LOL.

      The last unicorn was my first impression of unicorns and I'm glad it is. :D

    • ahh thank you so much!! the background is going to be changing soon tho, never satisfied with my own profiles haha

    • hello! just popping in to say I love your whole aesthetic going on. I saw you have a toyhouse and I recognized your art ahhh, lovely work!!

    • AHH I LOVE IT!! <3 It's perfect, thank you!

    • I would love a doodle! ^__^ With my iliume if possible. Feel free to ignore the sigils. lol

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