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User ID: #76315
Username: VexenX
Gender: Male
Last Online: 1 Feb 2018, 5:43 pm
Registered: 11 Dec 2016, 2:45 pm
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Join the merchant's guild! Rule the markets with benevolence!

===============:;I WILL BUY SOME SEEDS;:===============
Refer to the following prices, and thank you.

75fc. Eyeris seed
75fc. Flying Daffodil Bunch seed
75fc. Flying Squiggles seed
75fc. Frostplant Seed
75fc. Hairy Radish seed
75fc. Ice Lettuce seed
75fc. Infection Plant seed
75fc. Mustache Plant seed
75fc. Seaweed Vine seed
75fc. Wriggling Algae seed

44fc. Brain Coral Seed
44fc. Chomper Plant Seed
44fc. Flying Fur Seed
44fc. Flying Larkspur Seed
44fc. Iceberries Seed
44fc. Icehands Seed
44fc. Mandrake Seed
44fc. Pea Algae Seed
44fc. Pot Plant Seed
44fc. Strange Celery Seed

(If your asking more than 80 for the rares, or 50 for the uncommon, it isn't really worth it for me to buy them anymore, anything less, and I will buy all day pretty much.)

Also, I will buy any amount of FD for 500 a piece.

To any mods reading this, I do my best to follow any rules, it can be difficult for me when they are enforced slightly differently and I'm told one thing is okay with one mod, but I get a warning from another. I'm doing my best, I promise, and I wish there was a simple trade chat. :_
To the people who try to price fix seeds, keep them, keep them forever.
If you dare. look at how many plants have been harvested by Raven, VolatilitySmile, GarrrrRrrr, and Light fingers, also check out items found under all of them in the explorer talent. There isn't too much to be proud of on this site, but, I'm a bit impressed by the numbers I've got there at this point. Haven't seen anyone with higher, though I am sure they exist.

The essence of darkness flows from within.

Villagers 12

Comments 25

    • Oh, I'm Saphire over there. And hey I'd try your new game.

    • Wait a sec, I recognize your username. Are you VexenX on ichumon too?

    • Thank you for hiring my furries so many times!

    • Thank you for hiring my furries so many times!

    • Hello and thanks for buying a whole lot of repairs! Hope it was helpful!

    • Thank you for buying omg ;w;

    • Thank you for your business ;3

    • Thanks for hiring Asada :D

    • Thank you for chosing Kelly :)

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