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User ID: #798
Username: Ornstein
Gender: Soul of the Dancer
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:03 pm

Profile description

\`[-|-] /

Don't call me queer

dont talk to me if you dont listen to brockhampton ever single microsecond of the day

hallowed potion
magic jeweled leodon sticker
magic leodon sticker
magic spellcaster saggi sticker
little love bully pup :(
deco squish boxes


Villagers 24

Comments 32

    • Thanks for dropping all those plushies :) Happy Holidays!

    • Your profile is awesome! (Loving the Bloodborne theme)

    • Love your JoJo icon!

    • Whispers from afar, saw your art in a thread and just want to say your amazing and I love it <333

    • Did your paintie ever get approved for Harlo? I found an old thread with a septum leodon base and it looks super cute

    • Is there any chance you would take 250 FD on your Sweet Mint Wreathdeer?

    • In LOVE with that wetnurse pixel art, I made some messengers at the bottom of my page! Bloodborne is one of my favorite games!

    • Thank you ^0^

    • Would you trade the SR batpaca in your stall for a SR slow loris?

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