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Username: NPC-Octavia
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Gender: Female
Registered: 21 Dec 2016, 7:21 pm

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Mayor Octavia of Oceandome
Married to Seraphina ♥
Female || She/Her || Lesbian

Octavia's life work has been dedicated to researching plants. Botany and alchemy have been her life passion for as long as she can remember. In fact, being so much about work kept her from realizing what she was missing out on for many years...

Seraphina and Octavia met in high school, though they did not date at the time, they were friends. After going separate ways for a while, they once more found each other after university and rekindled their friendship as if they were never apart. Both have known their whole lives that they were interested in other women, however, both were so busy with work and study that they kept romance on the back burner.

Eventually they realized their feelings for each other and came to the conclusion that if you couldn't find time to focus on love even during adult hood, when could you? They decided to give it a shot, promising if their relationship impacted their work negatively, they would split amicably. However, their love for each other proved to have the opposite effect-- their work became better, and now they work and research alongside each other. ♥

Octavia took position as Mayor of Oceandome a short two years ago, but is dedicated to improving her beloved Village constantly. Her efforts have improved the environment surrounding Oceandome allowing for species to return to the wild there, such as the Nudibranch and Seapony, the latter of which returning after pollution had driven it away. She is dedicated to her Village and is constantly researching and coming up with new ways to improve everyone's quality of life.

Octavia & Seraphina ♥

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