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User ID: #8231
Username: reshiram
Gender: Cool Boy™
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:55 pm

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tumblr_inline_nlzfrxS4Xv1r2liwv.gif lucas tumblr_inline_nlzfrxS4Xv1r2liwv.gif 16 tumblr_inline_nlzfrxS4Xv1r2liwv.gif it/he tumblr_inline_nlzfrxS4Xv1r2liwv.gif
whats up im Sad

workin on thi.s.....


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    • Okay, i just gotta say that I love your username! Also, your painties look amazing!

    • Your painties are fabulouuss~

    • Hey, hope you're doing well!

    • I'm shy as well. I'm glad to hear your in a good mood today. Lol I could never make a post asking for friends. I'd get nervous. :^^

    • Hey uh, I saw you wanted friends on your one post, i'm in the same boat with ya. Need friends too.

    • Omg, this CSS is amazing!! If I may ask, who did it?

    • I love that it's free to use custom genders here, you have to pay for them on so many sites

    • Awesome, thank you!

    • HELLO, IT'S ME

    • Your paintie style is so cute! <3 If you ever open up commissions, I would love to know.

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