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Username: Sangria
Last Online: 29 Jun 2019, 11:25 pm
Registered: 6 Jan 2017, 10:19 pm

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    • Just checking in, do you still do art commissions for USD?

    • Of course! And my apologies for taking a while to upload your paintie ^^;

    • *whispers* You are amazing~!

    • Just noticed that one of my friends have a shifty paintie that was made by you; its absolutely beautiful. I'm here to praise your work again. <3

    • NUUUUUUH ;-; I'm sure they would have looked incredibly pretty if you went through with it!

    • Your artwork is lovely. <3 I adore your painties, and just needed to tell you. xD

    • Your village makes me thirsty O:-)
      I love Toothless! (Our black cat is named Toothless.)

    • yes!! you should try to master medicines as early as you can (dont sell the lower potencies!! you can make your doctor mix it to make stronger meds. do it in pairs as well aka 5% with 95%, 10% with 90% etc to make the most of the medicines. when youve finished mastering the meds at the 20 mark, you would have at least a stock pile of 10 meds with 100% effectiveness)

    • trust me........ when the hourly explorer limit was lifted, i had 8 explorers going in all at once every hour. you wont BELIEVE how many people had all 10 villagers as active explorers.

      you stockpile a lot of things in just a week lmao. i have a script that does the exploring for me (bc lets face it, clicking explore again 20 times isnt fun). if youd like, i can link you to the greasyfork page for it (i promise it doesnt break the rule about third party scripts)

    • yeah! ill be glad to make my villagers work for you haha (currently ted, my warrior, is only a warrior because i already mastered the construction skill and the oceandome+foxbury meds with it, being a warrior is more like a filler career for it)

      oh yeah!! i know how i first felt when june gave me six failed harvests in a row ;; the thing about herbalists is that, if you have at least 20 seeds of one plant type, theres a big chance that theyll be able to 100% master it by the time you get to your 20th seed. thats why most people try to trade 20 seeds in bulk since thats the minimum!

      ill send over a trade with you filled with some seeds! also some extra pots thats lying around in my stall right now. hopefully thatll give you some boost with your herbalist :p you dont have to put anything in the trade btw, consider this gift part deux

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