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Username: Lacerne
Gender: Male
Last Online: 4 Feb 2022, 2:32 am
Registered: 16 Jan 2017, 2:09 am

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(Art Credits go to Graffiti )

You come across a underground grotto, glimmering out with an electric sapphire hue as the waterfall trickles down upon the rocks. Upon you is the black form of a reclining black tiger, adorned with his dark stone pelt emblazoned with both darker coal black strips along his face and the beast reclines out upon a rock resting. Curiously out upon his back, two now-symbiotic tendrils seem to waver over, softly from time to time they seem to explore, coiling around the boulder and grasping around branches to feel around. As he notices you out observing, he seems to sharpen up to turn around giving you a friendly wave out with a tendril and a short bow. "Ahh! A guest, i had not been expecting anyone, but Hello there! Im Lacerne, a great pleasure to meet you. Tell me traveler, what brings you to my abode?" he asks with curiosity.

Alright, so howdy there! I'm Lacerne, I'm mostly just casually checking out on the site and I like to commission out and doodle out in the "draw the villager above you" fourm game a lot from time to time. Some people collect plushies, other pets, I like to collect art since it's always fun to get and often unique and fun to share. ^_^.

[I]Oh, and for those artists out there, I'm usually pretty happy to be a practice target, although funding my art collection with gamefunds and no paypal means that my art commissioning rate is constrained by funds. so anything over 100k/ 200 FD usually requires some saving and time to plan ahead of time, while smallerish pieces are welcome. If you're a newbie and just starting out you can even make some mspaint art and i'll start at prob 1k, with pieces evaluated on a case by case basis, feel free to send me a message with a example and I could give a offer and we could bargain if needed. ^_^ ) ]

In case you haven't noticed from the kitten tiki pole, and occasional *gasp* Hyena, I am a huge big cat person, something about their primal strength, their agility, balanced with their curiosity and yet oh so often getting themselves into trouble just makes them oh so fun to watch, and to have as my minion army!

After all, a wolf would be just as cool, but when's the last time you've heard a wolf purring or a man being able to catch a wolf with nothing but a cardboard box and some catnip?

Oh, and here are some quick paintie sheets of my villagers, just in case you're coming here as a artist looking for their refs!
( Note: For art, my custom painties often have more art of them that I've received out from them, with Corrupted Lacerne and Sabre featuring plenty of more artwork on their pages! And also some for normal Technicolored Lyncus Lacerne as well. [ Although I love him, his fur pattern I hear is the ultimate tribulations of anguish for artists so it's hard to get pieces for him. XD]

Corrupted Lacerne Character sheet (Click for Fullsize image!)
Headshot piece done by Graffiti and feral fullbodies by Eispiritu as previous commissions with permission.

Quickie microref of my painties Lacerne the Christmas Lyncus and Sabre the vampkitty!

Commissions by of my two SavvyFur ^_^

(You may wonder why there are two Lacernes, one a displacer beast, and the other the electric snowkitty. Well, the answer to that was, I created my own painties and... Lacerne tends to leave me lost whenever I try to create him but I always end up with interesting random things whenever I do try to make him. Perhaps someday though, I could have it as a alternative costume for the form he's meant to have! )

Thanks for coming by, Ciao!

(Art done by Eispiritu )

Also super hyped up of a well worth splurge out on a 3d model by Oreloki , modeling getting close to finished, texturing soon, I'm so excited! This is just a wip of the piece!

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    • Thank you for the art! :D I love it.

    • Thank you for being on my side in that thread, I was scared I was the one in the wrong ;;

    • @RGDlightteam
      Glad to hear you liked it! ^_^, you're very welcome

    • Thanks! :D

    • Thanks for your kind comment! So far I've made all the custom art on my account myself, as I'm pretty new to the site!

    • Just letting you know i haven't forgotten about the draw the villager above you thread! It's just taking me a little bit! ^^"

    • Thank you so kindly! I appreciate all the support, and I'll try my best to be a helpful addition to the community. OvO <3

    • Oh my goodness, thank you Lacerne! Thank you so much! This is wonderful, now I have something to base the rest of my build off~ it’s going to make it so much easier, and is already making a huge improvement to my stats. Thank you again! <3

    • Thank you again for the doodle! It turned out super cute, I love your style!

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