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User ID: #85885
Username: aspider
Gender: Genderfluid
Registered: 23 Jan 2017, 12:15 am

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***please do not be rude to me***
***please pm me if u need something, talking on forums makes me uncomfortable sometimes***
***Olde Foxbury citizen at heart***
***Spider Prince***


tumblr_max9tkXhYk1ruelkf.gif HIYA I'M KAZIER!!!tumblr_max9tkXhYk1ruelkf.gif



-bug & spider enthusiast-
-a lil shy but i try n be friendly!!! sorry if i ever come off as rude!!!-


I like to draw and i like all sorts of music and i looove cute lil green adoptables!!! I love succulents and gemstones and herbs and !!! lots of stuff!!!


goals of mine on this site include getting a malachite ring and also getting all the minipets!!! especially all the buggie ones and all the green ones!!!


I'm slowly trying 2 be more active in the forums!!! If i talk to u and I ask you to clarify something its bc i get really confused and worried about messing up sorry!!!


also sorry if sometimes what i say is confusing or backwards i always check what i write a billion times, to make sure its all good, but i understand that it might be hard 2 figure out what im trying 2 say so please bare w me;;



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    • ohhh nothing.. just the secret ingredient of the krabby patty its nbd dwbi
      nfhjdfg i was jus tellin ya ilu >w> <3

    • Thank you so much for commissioning me! You are extremely generous with your tips as well!
      I just wanted to thank you, sorry for intruding your page. Thank you for making my day :D

    • takes cool to know cool, my spidery friend! ;3 <333

    • Life, friend. 100% life! xD

    • I do that all the time omg. I usually just repost as the correct villager and let the user know so they can hide/delete the other comment. XDDD

    • y is your art bootyful? hmmmm? ;P

    • I love that pixel Rick in your signature I love Rick and Morty.


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