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Username: bridgeybear04
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Registered: 28 Feb 2017, 11:02 am

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Gone uwu

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    • bridgeybear04 I can see that you've been online, so please respond to my message about how you're doing with your Art Telephone entry. If I don't hear from you by tomorrow (25 August) evening, I'm going to have to move on with the game.

    • i want to find out about the ship because i think i know what you're talking about... but no one will know i guess.

    • i feel like the last bit was a reference, but i don't count on it

      sorry for commenting, the thread is locked right now so i had to comment on here instead

    • Fur real! (hence why I'm in dmm lol)

    • I'm willing to help out for fairly cheap. I do need seeds to make meds and the capsules too. I hope that's okay. I'm currently working on making Height Sedation for that nasty Vertigo.

    • Hello bear friend :3

    • Hi, is there any way you could post it somewhere else? I'm visiting my grandparents and only have my phone atm, which that site doesn't support, apparently. I'll go ahead and pay you, though, If not, it's fine, i'll save it when I get home ^^


    • Well, thanks for granting one of my wishes.

    • Well, thanks for granting one of my wishes.

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