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User ID: #9085
Username: alxq
Gender: Agender
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 4:38 pm

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sorry, i am no longer active in this site.
see ya!

Villagers 7

Comments 803

    • I don't have the space, I just recently adopted a new villager before your giveaway ended, I have the house I'm jus working on getting the extra 50k I need XD

    • Thank you!

    • Thankyou so much!! <3

    • your gallery flamingos are the best lesbians. js.

    • oomf okay!! that works then :D

    • Aaaa you can't take them all and just count me in for the max amount of tickets it adds up to? I don't mind if they only add up to 3 tickets for all the items ;o;

    • Hey, I remember entering for all tiers! I don't know why I'm not listed

    • I don't think I was listed in the ticket log? It might just not be loading for me.

    • just the communal tier, i believe? i don't really go for villagers, so i was going to leave those for others to get a better chance at!

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