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Villager: Piper



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ID: #108735

Name: Piper

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: InferisNothus

Species: Canine

Color: Collie


House: FurCoin House

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Piper looks stunning!


Young Piper began life as an unnamed orphan baby; alone in a bustling city called "Millwatch" with nothing more than the plain blanket in which she was wrapped up; her parents being a complete mystery. The man whom Piper would call her stepfather in the years to come discovered the small dog child one day as he was going about his daily business and after much deliberation decided to take the youngster under his wing and raise her in his image.

His image, however, was that of a talented thief and burglar as well as a gifted swordsman in his earlier years; the man now getting on in years, his hair starting to grey. In an attempt to pass on his knowledge to the young girl, the ageing thief gave her the name "Piper" and taught her what he knew about casing a potential target, causing distractions and, most importantly, how to do it without actually being noticed or caught. Or killed.

Despite teaching Piper how to be a "good" criminal, he wasn't particularly nasty or cruel; he was a fair man towards the lass and treated her with hard earned respect although there was still a sense of business about him when it came to doing jobs. Piper, despite being a well-trained thief and outright rogue, was still quite the feminine lady; her love of shiny things and fancy clothing sometimes clashing with her job targets.

One such notable instance would be where she got her fancy silken cape from; Piper was sent on a simple job to steal an elaborate looking circlet, although not something considerably unique, from the home of a high-quality store owner. Being the kind of store that would sell all sorts to the various upper classes of her home town, Piper knew that she could probably score a few other things too. After a couple of hours, she returned to her mentor with not only the circlet and several other, smaller items of jewellery, but also a few loaves of bread all neatly wrapped in her new cloak. A little perplexed as to why, but not enough to be terribly concerned about it, she was allowed to keep it; it's not like anyone would care that much about one, non-distinct cape from a store that sells them.

As for Piper's right arm... well... that story is a little grisly and stems from her later teenage years, around the age of 18-19. She was sent out on a rather dangerous job with some... political connotations to it and, rather than steal something, was tasked with placing something instead, although if the possibility of stealing something valuable was without risk, then consider it a secondary task, but not a terribly important one. A matter of ruining someone's illustrious career, supposedly, but the details aren't exactly clear... at least, not to Piper; she had her tasks and the potential risks to go with it but the payout would be substantial if completed.

Long-story-short, Piper completed her given task without a hitch, sneaking past the guards completely unnoticed, and turned her attention to the building's valuables. In the immediate vicinity were a few ornate jewelled rings that would soon prove to be her downfall, quite literally. With several of these rings in her possession, the young thief made her way to the passageway she entered from only to find the guards had changed their patrol patterns; Piper quickly scaling the rafters and hiding in the darkness of the ceiling in the hopes that they would soon pass once two guards below her had finished their chat...

Unfortunately the rings she had stolen weren't quite secured properly and a couple slipped from her pouch and clattered to the ground quickly alerting the guards, Piper dropping her weight on the man directly below and attempted to make a hasty exit via the outdoor courtyard and onto the rooftop. In her attempt to escape, however, the guards had begun to fire crossbows at the poor girl; one bolt lodging itself into her right elbow spelling a visceral end to her dominant arm.

After the semi-successful escape attempt, having managed to flee the scene regardless of her current state, the arm was never going to heal and, thus, had to be amputated from the elbow downwards. Thankfully her mentor had a vast number of favours owed to him and was able to pull some strings to get her a replacement; Piper was a fantastic thief, but lacked the will to kill another person unless necessary. Her skills were still incredibly valuable and with the addition of a new, magic-infused prosthetic she could continue her job without much hassle (albeit with a lot more care...)

Piper, at present, is somewhat of an adventurer and is currently situated in Olde Foxbury doing odds and ends for people to support her own endeavours; fighting Super Rare Hydras isn't the best idea if you don't want your fancy cape to get all ripped, but it sure does pay well.

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    • This paintie is so cool!

    • Wow, she's so cool! I love her backstory and how it explains how she got her cape and her arm :)

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