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Villager: Vicktor

Villager Info

ID: #108887

Name: Vicktor

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Kenkou

Species: Big Cat

Color: Jaguar


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (1/160)

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Likes: 153 ♥

Tags: cat spooky blood gore teeth creepy jaguar arms scary


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It seems everyday is groundhog day to this peculiar jaguar, Haunted by flooding memories of past lives catching up to him in what now appears to be a blissful paradise. Night terrors and scars from worlds he had thought to be dreams, reincarnation the only possible answer he can reach. No memory of mother or father, no siblings of any kind. A form of sick manifestation that was pure once. A flash of white in his mind. Ethereal fur of a guardian he had long ago,One who started it all, a lover. An obsession that drove him mad, the toxic pattern playing out through these stories. He only hopes now that is was all just a bad dream...

Regardless of this erupting anxiety he has slowly become a 'gentle' soul through past trials. Now making a living by lending his hand in exploration and protection. Oh and don't mind the mess, he coughs up ichor every now and then. I'm sure he's doing just fine!

X -49156
X -5980

Paintie done by me~
If you are interested in one send me a PM!

Comments 31

    • uhm... Are you okay, mister? Maybe I could help you...

    • Has a very Drow feel to it, the eyes especially.

    • Dangerous! But gorgeous colors. I love the details of the blood, the fur, and the eyes especially!

    • Ahh, he's so beautiful! I love his eyes the most. ^.^

    • -applies bandiads and gauze- stop playing with the broken glass!
      (V cute)

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