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Villager: Syringa Vulgaris


Villager Info

ID: #112506

Name: Syringa Vulgaris

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 5 years, 10 months ago

Career: Doctor

Owner: Ziraous

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 1 Oct 2016, 7:55 pm

Likes: 55 ♥

Tags: butterfly magic betta flower magical lilac girly khisyra florren

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Profile in the works!

Syringa is the elder sister of Lilisyr. Though they do not look very much a like and Lilsyr has wings, their bond is inseperable. They go on adventures together all the time and love spending time with one another.

Lilac Florren
Species by Betta
Paintie by Khisyra
Get your own Florren Here!

Comments 14

    • Your welcome! And also thanks

    • Thank you, sweetie~~ You look absolutely magical yourself. :D

    • I got my lilac custom, I am so happy, aaa!!

    • Thanks for the sweet comment! Your florren is gorgeous!

    • I obtained some FD so I might order a custom of a darker lilac florren with some green, maybe. <3

      And aaa, so lucky! I live in apartment so I just get to take as many photos as I can each year of lilacs to last me through the year, it's my dream to have a garden where they grow.

      Actually, my country produces good lilac smelling perfume, though it's a bit too sweet for daily wear for me. But that's awesome you make your own!! O: Honestly lilacs should be more popular, ahhaa. The sweet scent, rich blossom like a purple cloud, the color... Ahh. They made me associate purple with dreams/daydreams and all that. <3

    • lilacs??


    • Ahhh, you're first lilac loving person I've met. I am so happy!! Q_Q Honestly, I'm tempted to save up and order a different lilac baby so ours could be sisters or cousins or something, ahaha.

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