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Villager: Skylar

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ID: #120002

Name: Skylar

Gender: Genderfluid

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Aleksandr_the_Great

Species: Hyena

Color: Brown


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 11 Jul 2016, 11:31 am

Likes: 14 ♥

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3 years old


Hyena Mutt

Digital (half-brother)


Skylar is one intimidating bitch at first sight. Especially if you catch them while they're pissed. They often avoid newcomers in their territory, mainly because they know they'll get yelled at for hurting them if they get the chance. Skylar is, and always has been, a territorial person. They're very protective of the ones they love, but people who aren't close to them often perceive that as just being an asshole. Although they can go overboard with the whole "badass" front, it's all in good thought. If you end up being one of Skylar's close friends, you must be one special person. They don't waste their breath talking to just anyone. Once you've gained their trust, they'll stand up for you no matter what. Keep in mind that they expect the same from you though. As a friend Skylar opens up a lot more and you get to see the brighter side of their demeanor. Jokes and pranks are their favorite, but their most favorite thing to do is... to put it nicely, be "free spirited". Still confused? You'll find out if they get comfortable enough with you.

Body modification, fighting, hunting, jokes, pranks, hair dye, scary movies, running around nude or half nude (don't ask).
Preps, snuck up snobs, brats, children, whining, jealousy, close-mindedness.

One might find it hard to describe,
How to conquer something like destitution.
It isn't something to meddle with at all,
In fact, it starts a sort of revolution.

You could find yourself at wit's end,
The precarious life swaying from a lariat.
Yet somehow no one tries to help,
As you are hung by the measly status of a proletariat.

The ones you thought would stay by your side,
Magically evanesce in the breadth of your disintegrating forbearance.
Vexation fuels the rage burning from your derelict state,
The place you once called home now dilapidated - reflecting your demeanor from lack of personal coherence.

As you encounter your first epiphany,
You come to realization it was not they being misconstrued, it was you.
And although the unchallenging, painless route would be to capitulate in the name of your recalcitrant anarchist ways,
It is, as you see, through absolution and exoneration will you truly be free of the bitterness the mind can spew.

What other way to shirk from the bygone called your past,
Than to have a diversion, such as a hobby, become a cynosure beacon for your drive?
Admittedly, it is better than the alternative path,
A path permeated with thoughts needed to be exhumed from the cogitations you contrive.

But one must always keep in their hearts,
A commemoration of the prepossessing being known as yourself.
So document in detail the life you've lived with the loves you've had,
And when you expire you'll have a remnant waiting for your legacy on the shelf.


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