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Villager: Sarahbeth



Villager Info

ID: #121302

Name: Sarahbeth

Gender: Female

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Doctor

Owner: Imoku

Species: Fox

Color: Fennec


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (250/250)

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Sarahbeth has fallen ill with Monster Madness. Time taken to craft a medicine is doubled. This illness can be cured with Spider Eye Solution.

Sarahbeth looks stunning!

Sarahbeth's very special treasure!


Sarahbeth is ... a regular arctic fox, of course.
SO̰̯̬͓ ̺̙̯̩̳̙͢ͅJ̫̻U̵̮̤̤͔̜̻̗S̵̘̰̯̮̤͔T̵̜̻͔̰̤̥͖ ͉͙͚͘ͅM̶̟̥̬O̲̘̬V̖̭͠E̟̘̺ ̼͎̣̙͎͝A͚L̮̩̮̀O̪̠̘̯̹͜N̫̫͇G͖̠̪.

In truth, Sarahbeth is anything but regular. She has an intense affinity for anatomy and biology, and the way she speaks so fervently about the details of her most recent dissection often makes others uneasy. She gets so engrossed in her 'work' that she is rarely spotted by the residents of Ghastfen Grove; in fact, the smart ones actively avoid her. It is rumoured that she collects all manner of anatomical curios, including countless jars of wet specimens, taxidermy and 'models' that look all too realistic to be made synthetically...

Paintie by buffalo
Fullbody by forrestcats

Comments 20

    • ok, i kinda wanna meet her, and believe me, im not scared of her

    • I love this paintie! It's really cool! Good job! :D

    • "They seem to be interested in your blood more than anything. Well... if you ever get a few spare bodies, consider giving them to my leeches in the future. I'm sure they'd appreciate it..." [Rhyme smirks as he holds up Sanqus] "Perhaps a nice and neat dinner date, a sweet body that isn't rotten for once so they can drink like the kings that they are. What do you say...?"

      ((I absolutely adore Sarahbeth's design aaahhh!!! Possible fanarts approaching who knows ayeee))

    • “What’s the fun in being discreet? I believe that the best way to add a little spark to my projects is to leave a nice calling card — all the best leave one! It helps you gain recognition, being able to take credit, and oh how your reputation grows if you manage to slip through the grasp of the authorities! Quite thrilling indeed, although sometimes the saying ‘better safe than sorry’ comes into play — I’ve had a few close calls.

      Why, I knew they looked familiar! Say, how was the split up between those two partners? Despite briefly knowing each other, Ocu still refuses to talk to me, what a shame. They seem more interested in congregating with the group of gators that lives in our swamp, with that tail and whatnot. Oh, a fresh piece of meat you say? With a twin sister no less? Surely you can’t be talking about that fish creature Flesh mentioned moving into your little hamlet? Hmm, how curious indeed. This world truly is smaller than I could have imagined, for we might have that very sister living within these very walls! An orphan who mysteriously lost her parents in the mountains, and a great chef no less. I don’t care for her enough to remember her name, but I do know that her initials are the opposite of that crafty little thieving bug that tried to steal from the caves... F.E. I believe?”

      (And speaking of Flesh, I finally finished his backstory! It’s under the section ‘After the Awakening’! ;v;)

    • “Well well well, I knew you seemed familiar! It has been such a long time since I’ve lived in that quaint little hamlet, time just has a way of flying by don’t you think? It is certainly nice to see you as well. Yes yes, my blood is quite... odd. That much I can tell. I don’t think it’s normal for blood and blemishes to have a rose pink tinge? Maybe I should get myself a rose pink suit... ‘Rosaline?’ Ah yes, sometimes it hard to remember what name I go by, especially when they all start with Rose. I’ve been to many places and had many aliases after all~ Not every place is as accepting of my... hobbies... At least here I can do as I wish as long as it’s outside the village walls.

      Say, speaking of moving around, we seem to have a new arrival. An eyeless Manokit — fell and hit their head on a rock, it says, drifted all the way here from the swamp. Not talking, refuses to let us know where they came from. Although, I must say, there is something familiar about them...”

    • “What a lovely red dress! Perhaps I should clothe myself in more red attire, it certainly would make doing the laundry easier...”

    • "K, I'll make sure she doesnt go after you."

    • "Heheh! Well I quite like you!"

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