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Villager: Jessie

Villager Info

ID: #121561

Name: Jessie

Gender: Female

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 4 years, 10 months ago

Career: Blacksmith

Owner: KikiKaori

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (114/114)

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Approved: 14 Dec 2016, 5:14 pm

Likes: 42 ♥

Tags: blue black grey species closed wapiti esker eskers roan

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Jessie is one of those types that panics under pressure, if there is one thing she hates more than anything - it's having a deadline, that feeling of dread that sweeps over her day by day, and the paranoia that whispers to her that she will not complete her task in time or will not meet the customer's expectations..
Even with these personal issues; there had been only one thing that was able to help calm her shaking hands and spinning thoughts.. was surprisingly her job as a blacksmith. Despite the decent amount of weapon requests Jessie receives from the Village's guards, or tools for the explorers; she manages to stay on her toes,
It was odd, the job had exactly everything she loved and hated - a damn love/hate relationship is more like it. However, there was always something about the feeling of making 'art' or perhaps the more accurate term, 'creations'. These resources provided by the customers were all sorts of interesting things starting from mammoth tusks to rare fangs extracted from slayed beasts. However, there was this one rare occasion where a customer brought in pieces of remains from a human. Jessie was not the least bit impressed with this job, but money was money.

"Waaiit, wait, wait - you want me to do what with those remains? Erm.. right, then. I'm going to be needing gloves for this.."

Besides those few unpleasant moments, Jessie enjoys this kind of job because she could turn stuff that was originally useless on its own, into something a person would actually use and serve a good purpose.
Though Jessie believes her crafting and repairing weapons are acceptable; she is not happy enough with her work and is determined to improve and make her items more stronger and can handle more rougher usage.

Jessie is very thorough when it comes to her creations as well; everything she makes must always be checked over twice, if not, three times before delivering the finished item to the customer. She can't afford to risk someone's life with a faulty tool. or weapon.

Jessie's species is called Eskers, and she was created by wapiti. <3 If you're interested in one of their painties or perhaps curious about the lore behind this beautiful creature - click here!

Comments 9

    • Hello, other Esker! Love those blue streaks!

    • So, the old Paintie was removed and will be added with a new one! I'm probably gonna reload the other one to a proper hyena base.

    • Thank you all very much for the lovely comments!

    • What a sweetheart~ I love her paintie! ;w;

    • Hello fellow hyena with a lovely fashion sense!

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