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Villager: Azelix

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ID: #121886

Name: Azelix

Gender: Agender

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 6 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Betta

Genus: Shifty

Species: Voidwatcher (Remnant)

Color: Midnight


House: Quetzal Palace House (1/94)

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Approved: 24 Jul 2016, 3:22 am

Likes: 122 ♥

Tags: cat oc alien betta feral monochrome shifty azelix voidwatcher

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Azelix looks stunning!


indignant • intelligent • childish
Azelix belongs to a species known as the Voidwatchers. As their main scientist, they conduct all sorts of research into all sorts of fields; quantum physics, biology, astronomy, you name it.

Voidwatchers are shapeshifters born from congregations of a certain kind of energy that is found most abundantly in the Multiversal Void. They can change their form by harnessing their own relativity, reverting to an energy state for a fraction of a second, then reforming into whatever it is they wanted to be. Of course, they aren't very versatile; most usually have 2-5 forms they shift to on a regular basis as anything else is difficult to maintain. Azelix in particular has 3 forms.

Voidwatchers have 3 subspecies; 'True' Voidwatchers, Remnants, and Converters. 'True' Voidwatchers [like Weaver] are just that - born from a congregation of energy without any outside interference. They're usually the tallest and healthiest, and born more often than any other subspecies.
Remnants like Azelix are born from the energy left by a 'True' Voidwatcher or Converter's corpse; as such, they're small and sickly and pale. They're technically more common than True Voidwatchers or Converters, but only because, in most cases, they're born as twins.
Converters like Eshii are the rarest subspecies, only born from a non-Voidwatcher living thing in the Multiversal Void and only during a reset of the timelines. Many of them don't survive, but those that do are stronger than either 'True' Voidwatchers or Remnants, and between the height and health of both of them. They retain all the memories of who they were before they became a Voidwatcher.

Voidwatchers have a duty to uphold; as creatures with near-infinite lifespans and access to every civilization from their vantage point in the Multiversal Void, they are responsible for the timelines. They keep them intact, prevent paradoxes and untangle tangles. They are also responsible for full timeline resets. After an iteration of a multiverse has been going for a while, it starts to lose energy; when all the energy is gone, the multiverse as a whole dies and collapses in on its own crumbling corpse. To prevent that end, when the time comes, Voidwatchers intentionally cause paradoxes so massive they destroy universes. They harvest the energy created by these collapsing worlds and disperse all of it at once. This creates a wave so strong it destroys time itself, cleaning the slate and starting a new cycle. The renewed multiverse starts creating timelines very shortly.
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    • Slurp is a friend to all. Slurp is the Biggest Friend you will ever meet >;3c

    • Thanks for the compliment on Erov!
      Azelix is awesome! Love their design and the story behind it!


    • Thank you!

    • I am in LOVE with this little alien...and the species is so cool and well thought out...Great job!!

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