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Villager: Slothie


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ID: #123194

Name: Slothie

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 4 years, 9 months ago

Career: Alchemist

Owner: Slothie

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: House has been destroyed.

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Approved: 1 Feb 2017, 12:24 am

Likes: 82 ♥

Tags: blue cute brown stuffed animal custom plush toy sloth shiftie three toed sloth

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Slothie no longer has a house! They will be unable to work. Please replace the house or move Slothie into a FC slot.

Slothie looks stunning!


1st card - signifier -represents Slothie - 7 of Pentacles - key words: vision, perseverance, profit, reward, investment. To me it feels like you've recently made a big change that doubles as a discovery on what you want to do. This has created new goals for you that you're excited about and ready to start working toward! Overall I get a really good feeling from this card and the change you mentioned.

2nd card - covers you - Strength! - key words: strength, courage, patience, control, compassion - this is a good card and speaks of good energies that are surrounding you right now! You're very zen even though you know you may be making long lasting decisions. Please stay patient, and keep being courageous.

3rd card - crosses you - 4 of cups - this card can be good or bad depending on the situation, the feeling I'm getting from it is that it is representing the fight that is going on inside of you right now: you may be second guessing yourself and feeling like your opinions don't matter about certain things. But that's very untrue!! Your opinions matter very much at this time in your life and you should yes look inwardly to see if you're doing things that you want to do, but don't let other people influence your decisions once you've reached your conclusion.

4th card - root of the matter - 2 of cups - have you recently gained a partner, fallen in love with someone, or brought your relationship to the next level? It may not be talking about a romantic relationship but I think it is. The person that this card is talking about I think is a good match for you. I feel like they're very interesting and will keep you from getting bored, things might be rocky in the beginning, but I think overall you will be harmonious together.

5th & 6th card: 9 & 5 of pentacles - these two go together so I'll explain them together. It looks like you had more self esteem in the past but currently you hit a bit of a self esteem rough patch (feel isolated and insecure lately). This has resulted in more worry in your life (may be related to financial aspects?).

7th card - the future - 6 of wands reversed - this card is warning of an increased lack of confidence - I want to reiterate not to let people get to you!! I feel some criticism from an older figure (parent or sibling) that has been getting under your skin lately. Just do your best to ignore them.

8th card - hopes and fears - king of cups - you want emotional balance and control, you also want generosity. I think this may be in reference to that possible partner. These are your goals for your relationship with them. But you're also worried about their volatility.

9th card - family and friends - empress reversed - this card speaks of a dependence on others but I get the feeling that this doesn't mean a bad thing. Are you relying a lot on friends because of the criticisms of your family? It's okay to rely on these people who you are trusting, they love you and want to see you be successful.

10th card - dreams and ideals - the hierophant reversed - this card speaks of challenging the status quo, I get it a lot in readings for people discovering or coming to terms with their gender/sexuality. So this feels like it's bringing the story together: are family members criticizing your choice in partner because you're LGBTQ+? And are you actively fighting those criticisms and searching for acceptance? What you're doing is important, fighting for acceptance is important. As a member of the queer community I wish you the best!

11th card - what will come - 6 of swords - this card speaks of a regretful but necessary transition or right of passage. What you're doing needs to happen. The changes that you are making will only help you to grow. Please be strong and keep going! You can do it! :-)

Feedback is appreciated, and if I was accurate a review in the tarot thread would also be appreciated. Thanks I hope this helps.

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    • This is sooo cute!

    • M̟͎̝̱͚̳̼ͯa̯̝n͇̩͋ͨy̖ͦ̌ͣ̀͑ ̖͎̫̖̰̭ͣͅŜ̺̩͈̂t̯̽ͮ̄ͅi̖͎͔̰̥͊̀͂̂ͣͅṯ̺̩͚͍̭͕̏̏̒ͮc͔͙͚̙̔̎͑h͚͊e̩̞̟̙͚̖ͧͤs͖̬͕͚ ͑m̭̜͙̈̇ͪͤ̎a̬̠̼̞͋k̬͕̟̜ͅe͙̩͙͇̲͌̋ ̺̤̰͇̳̟̤ͧ̃̉̈́͆͌b̝̎̄͐e͎̪͍̔ͭͣ̈t͙̤̹̙ͫ̆̓̈̍t̖̠̤̫͇̩͋̎͆̊e̩͍͇͍͙̘ͩ͆ͩ͒͐͐̚r̪͖͓̥ͥ̆̈́͊͌̀ ̘̤̰̣̤̻̒̈̍w̞͈͓̲͙̳ͤ̇͒ͅo͎͖̖̎ͫr̹͕̘͎̭̾ͧ̋̅ḵ̥̈́.̟̜͎.̬̭̟ͨ̔͗̀̊

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