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Villager: Sir Bernhardt

Villager Info

ID: #124417

Name: Sir Bernhardt

Gender: Male

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 9 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: theWitchPrince

Species: Wickerbeast

Color: Pink


House: Tigereye Peak House (113/250)

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Approved: 11 Jul 2016, 3:27 am

Likes: 37 ♥

Tags: wickerbeast warrior axe armor knight grandpa

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Bernhardt is an old fellow, but has a very youthful spirit. He's thrilled by the heat of combat and suits no other career but the path of a knight and warrior. Bernhardt is gruff, but caring. He's always willing to help out for the greater good no matter the cost. If he were assigned an alignment, it would be chaotic good.
Bernhardt is compassionate but tough on his little apprentice Lilli whose grumpy spirit and skill with a bow make her a challenging but helpful companion.

Single // Available for RP

Lilli: http://www.furvilla.com/villager/131356

Comments 19

    • woooaaahhh this paintie is awesome! The colors, the armor and cloth--I love it! Also, I enjoy the story you have going on here, ehe;;

    • I'm thinking of a little fox like thing, sly, greedy, and a little selfish. Uses daggers and bows, and occasionally Bernhardt for transportation. Maybe a lil girl with the spirit of a crotchety old granny. She's reluctant to help others out, and often complains after being encouraged by Bernhardt to do the right thing... But she likes the warm fuzzy feeling she gets when she helps others. Secretly.
      Unlike Bernhardt she lacks spirit in battle. She trudges onto the battlefield, lazily and reluctantly does her thing (ironically she's a prodigy), providing backup, all while either grumbling about it, willing the battle to hurry up so she can do something else, or becoming VERY distracted by something more interesting (but really not imperative to the situation) in the distance. Deep down, she can actually be pretty sweet, and genuinely admires and appreciates her old friend even if she's terrible at showing it.


    • T^T I'm inspired to make him a smol young friend who's his seemingly complete opposite.
      I have a soft spot for the elderly.

    • Oh my goodness such a precious grandpa wicker <3 <3

    • I love this precious butt kicking grandpa ;.;

    • hes so cute i want him to BEAT ME UP

    • Amazing! Grandfather wickerbeast, you inspire Bruno and I to become even better warriors! (and to get cool warrior painties)

    • Aaa look at this old fellow. He's so lovely!

    • Big fluffy warrior puts smackdown on literally everyone in Furvilla. Everyone loves every second of said smackdown.

    • What a big fuzzy cutie!

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