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Villager: Clio



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ID: #127207

Name: Clio

Gender: Female

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 9 months ago

Career: Construction Worker

Owner: Minthe_Melpomene

Species: Fox

Color: Fennec


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 15 Aug 2016, 1:42 pm

Likes: 39 ♥

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Paintie by Polymathema .

Comments 11

    • What a cutie pie! Love her hair!

    • *circling back, every single time he think of Clio anywhere near those -things- in the wastes causes him a further growing prickle of fear, of course he'd seen them, harvested things from the dead ones sometimes, but he didn't want Clio to know that, but lying, he couldn't lie to her* I've seen them, Each one is different, and each one you'll need to fight with the element that counteracts against them.

      Stick to construction for now, I could use some extra flower pots if you end up having a knack for it.

    • *he shrugs a little* Right now there is too much required yield for me to find free time away from the garden, in time maybe. But you should find a good Alchemist and Doctor over there in the clouds if you intend on taking up a sword instead of a hammer, the afflictions caused by the beasts in the borderlands are handled best by local medicines.

    • No not all of them, and we're far less dangerous in quality of botany than Dragonmaw but it's generally safe to keep away from red coral. *He jerks his chin toward another red plant, this one thin and branchlike, after putting the brain coral into his harvest bag he led her over toward the new plant* This is a Neural Plant, frequent exposure can cause paralysis and toxic shock for instance, the chemicals that cause the coral to have a bright red florescent hue are usually harmful, but distilled or treated by a skilled Doctor or Alchemist they can be used to create beneficial potions and salves.

    • *he grasps at her arm gently* Wait though, if you touch it without gloves on it burns. *this was mostly why he was afraid of her going out there into the wilds, she was so adventurous, so full of a desire to learn, but too much excitement and not enough forethought yet, so he harvested the coral chunk for her and brought it up for her to look at*

    • *he draws her back, wrapping an arm around her to steer her away from the wriggling algae which still seemed to want to grasp on to his legs* No floating but lots of coral and kelp. *he pointed to a collection of bright pinkish red coral formations that looked like internal organs to be mostly honest* Right now brain coral is in bloom so I've been tending that but I just took in a very large order for Teal Trumpets, so I'll be switching over soon.

    • *his face momentarily takes on a look of extreme horror, no that's not fun at all that's terrible, but he carefully reins in control of his mannerisms, it had to take awhile to build a full house, he had time to worry enough* You know I'll support you in whatever profession or hobby you take up but you have to be careful and diligent, you should prepare yourself for that, for venturing outside of the Villages too far. It's exciting yes but also very dangerous so you have to have the proper provisions.

    • *he breathed a sigh of intense relief* Oh does she? Have her tell me when she's settled into that and I've got some seed packets I can send her from Oceandome.

      Botany pots sound easy enough to craft then, I was worried you were going to try and hit a monster with that thing instead.

    • *he doesn't seem to think that's quite so exciting but he would also not be her brother if her were not running through the massive ways in which she might end herself on a daily basis, his hands worked together as they did when he was nervous, of which he was now* It's a fine idea, you've blueprints and everything? What sort of thing are you planning to build then?

    • *as he practically raised her he did not fall for this one iota. also they're foxes and foxes are always up to something, he swings around her, managing to untangle himself from the masses of wriggling algae grasping at him at the same time* And what's that for then?

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