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Villager: Aeris

Villager Info

ID: #131681

Name: Aeris

Gender: Agender

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: Rova

Feast Points: 0 (477 All-Time)

Species: Dutch Angel Dragon

Color: Blue Roan

Costume: Angelic


House: Quetzal Palace House (1/160)

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Aeris looks stunning!

Aeris's very special treasures!

Comments 59

    • "Jekyll takes 1000000 damage!"
      With all due respect, what the heckin heck?!

      (:p but in all seriousness, mind telling me what witchcraft you have going on over there to get that powerful?)

    • I am having fun getting destroyed out there XD
      But i guess its kinda boring for you

    • Sure was! Only managed to outspeed you and hit hard with Dominion's damage boost XD

    • Forgot to equip my flowering hammer on that first battle XD Still had my deadly monster farming build on.

    • Okay! If the battle-match-making doesn't keep pairing me to someone else, heh. :p

    • Good ol flowering hammer 8P

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