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Villager: Prince Valor

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ID: #136537

Name: Prince Valor

Gender: Male

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Blacksmith

Owner: Arch-Guardian-Angel

Species: Horse

Color: White


House: Quetzal Palace House (111/124)

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(MLP Male Alicorn)

Male •❤• He/Him •❤• Alicorn •❤• Immortal

Yes he is a Prince but he is taught blacksmithing by the blacksmiths in his kingdom Royal Blue Rose. He has left along with his wife Princess Sparkles to help others from other kingdoms and they have found Quetzal Palace to help the village warrior to suit up to protect the village and do repairs for others when they need to.

Name: Prince Valor.
Species: Alicorn.
Cutie Mark: Blue Rose + royal crown.
Job: Protecting the Blue roses in his kingdom so they don't die out.
Mate: Princes Sparkles.
Personality: Confident, protective, loving, kind, merciful, caring, strong, happy and good listener (like all rulers should have).

Prince Valor's Story:

Prince Valor came to Equestia from his far away kingdom called the Blue Rose Kingdom where unicorns of different sizes colours and species and cutie marks live off the magical rose that are very rare beautiful and very blue.

The Royal family where Valor was born into getting his royal cutie mark he is tasked to over see the Blue roses that the unicorns of his kingdom need for their magic to work if they ever wither or die the Unicorns in that kingdom will get extremely sick or worse.. so the Royal family is tasked to look after the blue roses but one year while the Prince saw to his duties that he noticed that the roses were withering making the unicorns very sick or weak he was told by his advisers that he must marry a full blooded princess to restore the magic that is when his parents arranged a marriage proposal to a well Known princess who rules over Cantalot and the rest of the kingdoms part of Equestia he goes sees the princess soon realising that his own heart and eyes was set on a different pony not a princess but an earth pony who has no memory who she was or had no cutie mark Celestia saw the love in his eyes she smiled and spoke to him.

"Perhaps your heart has fallen to an earth pony but not a princess?" Prince Valor was deeply sorry for the change but Celestia understood completely so Valor with all the magic he had because of the blue roses were dying very fast but in the end everything was for naught for his magic completely died out but the earth pony who had also fallen in love with the Prince did not know what to do but she delved into her heart and closed her eyes to search what she was looking for was him a brilliant light shown around her, her kind eyes looking down at the dying Prince she spoke

"Do not fear my Prince for I shall restore the magic you have lost" with her magical holy magic she healed the Prince restoring his magic he got up amazed on who she is, her sweet angelic voice spoke "It is I" he looked her in the eyes and smiled "You? A Princess?"

The female pony smiled and shook her head "No but I am a Guardian Angel who fell from grace because I fell for you when I saw you, when I was no longer needed as a Guardian I lost everything but you my Prince gave me everything, now as an angel of the Lord I shall restore the magic you so wished to save"

So from that day forth, Prince Valor married her. She then became a Princess living happily with Valor having restored all the magic to the dying roses. But a myerial happen when she restored the roses to their full glory she had placed even more magic into the Magical Blue Roses and in that result they transformed into crystal blue roses that were more rare and full of magic that the Princess gave with her powers giving the unicorns living in the Kingdom a long life and healing them to their full strength and the magic would never die out as long as he has his beautiful Princess protecting them.


Paintie © Khisyra
My Little Pony © Lauren Faust/Hasbro Studios.
Prince Valor is Mine

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